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Product Feature: ESS3000


  The ESS3000 is a fully digital, multi-mode satellite receiver, designed to process data from current and future generations of meteorological and remote sensing satellites. Traditionally, several satellite receivers are required to receive data from different satellites. With the ESS3000, a single receiver can be used for a wide range of polar orbiting and geostationary satellites. The receiver is completely digital - allowing all operations to be software controlled. Satellite formats can be configured without changing hardware.

All satellite formats up to 20Mbits/s can be accommodated with the ESS3000, which includes internal support for real time Viterbi decoding for newer CCSDS satellites. This allows current Terra and Aqua DB broadcasts to be processed.. Future satellites, such as NPP and NPOES, are already programmed into the receiver. Any change to these satellite formats can be implemented simply be uploading a new configuration file. In addition, older satellite formats, including FY2 and GOES, can be processed simply be changing the mode.

The rear panel contains standard TTL data and clock outputs. However, a unique feature of the ESS3000 is the inclusion of a direct network interface. This allows real time data to be streamed directly to a network socket, without using special backplane interface cards. Not only does this reduce costs, it also allows the ESS3000 to be used with all computer architectures and operating systems - the only requirement is a standard TCP/IP network connection. There is also no need for software drivers.

The ESS3000 receiver is configured in a 5-1/2"HDD drive bay form factor, and powered using the standard HDD power cable. This enables the receiver to be mounted in any desktop or rack mounted computer - any computer which can house a hard disk or CDROM can accommodate the ESS3000!