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Environmental Monitoring Products
Aanderaa Data Instruments AS (AADI), designs, manufactures and sells sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments.

Applie Geomechanics Applie Geomechanics Anasphere Anasphere Applied Geomechanics

The primary goal of Anasphere is to improve upon current research, instrumentation and education in the fields of atmospheric and environmental science. A major area of focus is atmospheric and meteorological profiling extending from surface and tethered systems through high altitude balloons operating from low altitudes to the near-space environment. Anasphere has a wide variety of environmental research equipment including blimps, balloons, winches, weather stations and a 14-foot-long dynamic cloud tunnel.

Applie Geomechanics Applied Geomechanics
Applied Geomechanics is a leading supplier of monitoring systems and services for bridges, buildings, tunnels, dams, slopes, embankments, volcanoes, landslides, mines and construction projects around the world. We serve a wide spectrum of customers in markets ranging from auto racing teams to surveyors, experimental physicists, radio astronomers and naval architects.
Aquatrak Corporation provides a high quality liquid level determination system intended for the hydrographic, hydrologic, and industrial tank gauging applications. These gauges earned a worldwide reputation as the most accurate and reliable instruments for waves, sea state, long term level measurements for boundary determination, drainage surveys, dam safety, and hostile chemical tank control.
Biral specialises in the international sales of particle analysis, biodetection and meteorological instruments.
De Tect
DeTect, Inc. specializes in remote sensing technologies and systems for aviation safety, security surveillance, environmental management, weather detection and wind measurement supporting projects worldwide. DeTect is the world leader in development, deployment and support of radar systems for aircraft birdstrike avoidance, avian risk assessment and migratory research.
EEC products are dedicated to weather detection and analysis with equipment that includes Doppler meteorological surveillance radar with automatic computer processing systems; a wide range of surface weather systems; high resolution meteorological satellite receiving systems and sophisticated meteorological data analysis and image processing software.
Geotech Environmental is an environmental equipment manufacturer who offers the most extensive line of equipment in the environmental field. Key products include bladder pumps, peristaltic pumps, 0.45-micron sampling filters, and filter holders.
Guralp Systems
Güralp Systems Ltd is a world leader in the design and manufacture of low-noise broadband seismometers, accelerometers, digitizers and networking equipment for science and engineering.
High Society Electronics
High Sierra Electronics’ mission is to supply high quality hydrological monitoring systems and meteorological instruments to the world, for the protection of lives, property, and for the conservation and optimization of the earth’s water resources.
Kipp & Zonen
Kipp & Zonen is the worldwide authority in measuring solar radiation and atmospheric properties. Their passion for precision has led to the development of a large range of high quality instruments: from all weather resistant pyranometers to complete measurement networks. They deliver guaranteed performance and quality in various markets: Meteorology, Climatology, Hydrology, Industry, Renewable Energy, Agriculture, Remote Sensing and Public Health & Safety.
Marks Products Inc. designs, manufactures, and retails geoVISION durable, portable, versatile, cost effective borehole, shaft, and water well video camera systems. Cameras include underwater camera video systems for viewing, Inspection camera systems for geophysical exploration, cameras for search and rescue assistance, Salvage dive inspection camera work.
MECON FLOW-CONTROL-SYSTEMS are experienced specialists in manufacturing hydraulic meters. Working together with “Turbo Werk Messtechnik” specialists in measurement engineering for 75 years, their technical expertise, creative power, and flexibility make their flowmeters efficient and inexpensive.
METSpec has been manufacturing and selling screens for meteorology and climatology since 2001. Their screens are in daily use in polar, temperate and tropical regions. METSpec screens meet the most stringent quality standards and have been extensively tested in several countries.
Mierij Meteo
Mierij Meteo delivers solutions for projects where Meteorological information is essential. They produce meteorological measurement systems (both on- and off-shore). They offer high quality meteorological product lines. We have our own Engineering and Development department and have comprehensive service facilities for maintenance and installation.
MIROS - A Leading Company In Wave Monitoring and Remote Sensing. Miros primary business focus is on the delivery of sensors and systems within the fields of Meteorology and Oceanography. Since its formation in 1984, the company has developed advanced sensor systems, with associated management systems, in close cooperation with their clients, in particular within the offshore industry.
Quorum Communications, Inc., an innovative industry leader provides satellite microwave receivers, downconverters, antenna systems, and communications products to OEM and end users worldwide.
Radiometrics microwave profiling equipment detects three-dimensional thermodynamic and liquid structures that define local weather. Radiometrics patented hyperspectral technology provides optimum portability and accuracy combined with browser-based click-and-zoom software which is ideal for research, education and operations. State-of-the-art software delivers optimum local weather prediction.
Rock Mechanics Technology Limited (RMT) is a leading supplier of rock mechanics consultancy, geotechnical services, instrumentation and monitoring systems for strata and rock mechanics measurement and design.
Roctest designs, manufactures and markets sensors and high-precision measuring instruments for the civil engineering market and applications in the energy, healthcare and process control industries. They are recognized for their leading-edge technology, the quality of their technical expertise and their product development capabilities for challenging and demanding environments.
Scintec develops, manufactures and markets advanced atmospheric sensors using optical, radiowave and acoustic techniques. Customers include research institutes, government agencies, defence forces, airports and industry worldwide
Stevens Water
Stevens Water Monitoring Systems provides easy to use and reliable Water Level Sensors, Water Quality Sensors, Water Quality Analyzers, Soil Moisture Sensors, Soil Temperature Sensors, Soil Conductivity and Salinity Sensors, Water Flow Measurement, Chart Recorders, Water Monitoring Accessories, Staff Gages (gauges) and Weather Monitoring Sensors.
The Republic Group
TRG’s Environmental Systems Division manages the international marketing and sales for a unique consortium of world-leading manufacturers of hydro-met data collection, analysis, nowcasting and forecasting technologies, which provide solutions for operational hydro-meteorological and aviation applications.

UE Systems UE Systems totex UE Systems Totex Balloons

TOTEX Corporation commenced the manufacturing of meteorological balloons in 1937.  The company pioneered the successful development of the mold rotation system of manufacturing meteorological balloons in 1940 and continues to manufacture its products today employing the same process.  The mold containing the latex mixture is rotated to form multilayered and extremely thin film to produce a strong and uniform thickness and also form maximum performance balloons.

UE Systems
UE SYSTEMS INC., manufacturer of the famous Ultraprobe instruments, produces portable and on-line ultrasonic instruments for leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. Used in energy conservation, predictive maintenance, safety and quality assurance programs around the world, they help all types of companies, large and small, become more productive.
Unidata Pty Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture, supply and support of new technologies for the global environmental monitoring market – a market which Unidata has been servicing for over 20 years.
WDT utilizes its global expertise to provide unique content, applications, services and systems to their partners and customers. They develop and license state-of-the-science technologies from the world's leading weather research organizations to provide superior weather prediction capabilities to companies with weather sensitive end consumers and provide iMap WeatherTM new media solutions for Internet companies.
WSI Corporation is the world's leading provider of weather-driven business solutions with top clients including CNN, FOX, NBC, American Airlines, Delta, and FedEX. Their innovative products, services and software satisfy the professional weather needs of the most demanding media, aviation, energy trading and utility customers in the world.
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