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STOP your equipment grinding to a halt!

Lubrication is a necessity but inefficient lubrication costs you time and money.  The amount of lubrication grease is crucial to optimal performance. The Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy is specially designed to help you gauge it correctly. Simply attach the Grease Caddy to a standard grease gun, monitor the status of your bearings and start saving your time and machinery. Uniquely designed, it allows individual operators to simultaneously lubricate and monitor ultrasound levels to prevent over-lubrication.

How it works:
As lubrication levels fall, friction levels rise, producing ultrasonic waves which are very directional and localised. (15-23dB readings on the UP 201 bar graph indicate the bearings need lubrication). Easily attached to most standard grease guns, or worn in an optional belt holster, the Ultraprobe 201 translates high frequency sounds into the audible range, where users will hear and recognize bearing sounds.

The Grease Caddy focuses in on these sounds – even in the noisiest environment – and helps users identify when to stop lubricating. (Generally one shot of grease lubricant will be sufficient). It is so sensitive that you will hear when the grease enters the bearings and therefore recognize when to stop applying lubrication. With this one instrument, over lubrication and related bearing failure problems will be reduced dramatically.

The UP 201 Grease Caddy provides a visual bar graph complete with headphones and magnetic ultrasound sensor to listen to before and after lubrication bearing sounds.

The Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy will:
Prolong the life of the equipment
Prevent over lubrication
Save on Man hours
Save on operating Costs
Improve Maintenance efficiencies


Need a predictive maintenance program?  Do you summarize? Would you like to complete a monthly report by introducing spectra and recordings of your equipment that lists the real condition of your valuable plant and equipment before the equipment goes into catastrophic failure?

It’s easy with the UP 10,000. It is very versatile, it monitors and detects Arcing & Tracking in your Switchboards and Substations. It can also save air and leaks in your compressed air lines and be used to discover vacuum leaks.  The software program included in the package makes reporting easy, allowing you to tag 4000 tags of your plant equipment, and monitor their conditions. 

UE Systems products are designed for predictive maintenance & save you unexpected downtime costs.

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