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SlideMinder Wire-Line Extensometer System for Monitoring Displacement on Highwalls and Tailings

ES&S proudly offers the very latest technology in wireline slope monitoring systems. For over 20 years ES&S Geosystems has supplied wireline extensometers to the open pit mining market and are excited by Call & Nicholas' innovation of the Slideminder. Slideminder provides real-time data at extremely good value.

ES&S understand that mine safety is paramount and hence have built our business on supplying monitoring systems that support this philosophy. Safety is first and foremost on our minds. Geotechnical engineers and mine managers have trusted SlideMinder remote, wire-line extensometers to provide continuous monitoring of ground movement. With SlideMinder's real-time monitoring, people and equipment can be repositioned when there are unsafe conditions. This affordable monitoring system reduces operations downtime and saves time, money, and, most importantly, lives. SlideMinder's durable construction provides unparalleled uptime and needs no routine maintenance from field technicians. ES&S not only supply the systems but also provide high quality field services. We install all our machines ensuring the quality of data is not lost.

Benefits of Using a SlideMinder Wire-Line Extensometer System for Monitoring Displacement on Highwalls and Tailings:
- Saves lives and equipment by monitoring displacement information and providing accurate information for engineering to set accurate warning parameters.
- Warnings and alarms allow people and equipment to move out of harm’s way when landslide is imminent.
- Software and hardware design eliminates false alarms, allowing safe operations to continue uninterrupted.
- Continuously checks for displacement, sending warnings in real time.
- Eliminates need for technicians to travel into dangerous or inaccessible areas for monitoring.
- No regular maintenance means no scheduled downtime and no monitoring interruption.
- Robust system unaffected by most weather environments.
- Monitors displacement throughout the failure without damaging to the unit.



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