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2010 APIA Convention and Exhibition

This year’s APIA Convention and Exhibtion, held at the Darwin Convention Centre was a great success.

The Convention and Exhibition provided relevant, up-to-date information about projects and international issues, addressed technical, environmental and economic challenges and looked at new developments in the industry. The Exhibition provided exhibitors with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their new innovations as well as highlight their many successes.

There were many new products and initiatives on display and ES&S had a number of enquiries regarding Fibre Optic Leak Detection. The ES&S system is a unique tool for the evaluation of distributed strain and/or temperature over several tens of kilometers. It is a powerful diagnostic instrument for the identification and localization of potential problems and allows the monitoring of local strain and temperature at thousands locations by mean of a single optical fiber and in just one shot.

If you would like more information about Fibre Optic Leak Detection please contact ES&S on +64 3 8420 8999.





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