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2010 AHA Convention and Exhibition

The recent Australian Hydrographers Association Conference and Exhibition was held in Perth and was deemed to be a great success. Over 250 delegates were there, with a number of international visitors attending. The theme of this year’s Conference was Hydrography – Reflection, Refinement, Resurgence and gave exhibitors the opportunity to showcase projects, exchange experiences and learn about a wide range of subjects related to Hydrography in Australia and from around the World.
The ES&S stand was a big hit, with visitors viewing a range of exciting and new products including:

Field Verifier: this unit allows the user to quickly verify the EC1500 Conductivity Sensors are working within the stated tolerances without messy calibration fluids and a time saving factor of 3 minutes verses 30 minutes. The verifier can simulate 10% and 90% conductivity values.

Auto Ranging EC 1500 with a range of o-50,000 ms/cm: this NEW product will be available in the new year If you are interested in this unit please contact George.

Water Quality Monitor: applicable for both turbidity and Conductivity. The Water Quality Monitor displays on screen raw data (actual data) along with temperature and mA readings, with a selectable program on both Turbidity and Conductivity ranges.

Borehole Camera: available with a  range of colour and black 7 white camera’s the smallest is the  nano-camera (16ml diameter)

DCM Water Quality Spectro Analyser & Con Stat: the system uses a measuring principal UV –VIS Spectrometery over a total range (220 -720nm) and is ideal for surface, ground, drinking, and waste water analysis. It can display up to 8 parameters, comes with GMS modem and interfaces to SCADA via analogue and relay outputs. Modbus RTU integrated Profibus DP is available.

A big thank you for all the participants in our $100 Bunnings Gift Voucher Lucky Draw but there can only be one winner. Over 60 people entered the competition and congratulations went to Laura Parmenter from the Department of Water (WA) for being the lucky winner.





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