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Emergency Management Conference (ECM) 2011

Emergency management touches on all sectors of society, from government to industry to the community. We need to find ways to utilise existing partnerships and collaborations, build new long lasting relationships within the sector and with other sectors, and improve integration and knowledge-sharing across the whole of the emergency management space.

EMC2011 will explore how we can work together to innovate, improve and be inclusive in the business of emergency management. In a sector where change and challenges are a constant reality, EMC2011 will look at local and global best practice and open a space for sharing lessons and ideas about working together better for the future.

EMC2011 incorporates diversity in emergency services and is helping to work together better. ES&S will be demonstrating the latest in Remote Automated Weather Station technology from the world's leader in Fire Weather technologies, FTS.

For more information on the QD3 system click here. For more detailed information on QD3 and FTS click here.

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