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International Conference Energy & Meteorology (ICEM) 2011

Energy & Meteorology 2011 provides a great opportunity to network with scientists, engineers, economists, policy makers and other specialists working at the junction between weather, climate and energy. As the international community struggles to develop policies and frameworks to effectively tackle climate change, a much stronger connection between Energy & Meteorology will allow the development of forward-looking, cost-effective and sustainable weather and climate risk management strategies for the Energy industry.

If you are engaged in the energy sector and climate and weather influence your operations, ICEM 2011 is a four-day event designed for you to review the latest elements of an increasingly-important topic. Weather and climate can affect site assessment, financing, construction and design engineering, plant procedures, ongoing day-to-day operations and emergency response situations. This is an opportunity to hear and meet the leading international experts on the connectivity between meteorology, climate and energy.

Environmental Systems & Services (ES&S), in conjunction with Kipp & Zonen, will be exhibiting the latest products in the solar industry. Kipp & Zonen is the worldwide authority in measuring solar radiation and atmospheric properties and ES& S are the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributors. Kipp & Zonen have extensive experiences in the close links between meteorology and energy every day. Meteorology, and more specifically high level solar radiation data, is the most important reference for decision making on local solar energy developments. Kipp & Zonen will be conducting an oral presentation by Clive Lee (Product Manager) during the conference and we invite you to take the time to hear about what is happening within the solar industry.

If you would like to make an appointment to meet Tim Cookes or Clive Lee at the exhibition please send us your details.  We look forward to meeting with you at ICEM 2011.

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