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Earthquake Analysis Software

ES&S is proud to announce the release of eqWave 3, a refinement of the most user-friendly seismic waveform analysis package available today.

eqWave is provided free with the purchase of any Kelunji seismic recorder so that users can view their seismic data, pick earthquake wave arrival times, convert data between Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement units, view Fourier spectra, and export data to text files for use with other packages.

The main changes from the previous version of eqWave (v2.21) include:

  • Displaying colour-coded waveforms according to their units
  • The ability to convert between ground motion units at the click of a button
  • Display Rotational sensor units
  • A new implementation of the signal filtering interface
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Moving the Arrivals pull-out window to a menu item
  • Simplified user interface with new icons
  • Simplification of the frequency display window
  • Text table output in zero-offset corrected ground motion units
  • Prompts user to save before closing if Arrivals or Channel Properties modified
  • Various minor bug fixes

We have removed the vector sum features, but these may return in a future update once technical issues have been resolved. We have also removed the ability to save in miniSEED format due to implementation issues. This will be addressed in a future update.

The eqWave 3 user manual is available for download here and on the Support page.

To download your free copy of eqWave, email us using the contact form (including your Kelunji model and case serial number) and we will email you a download link and add you to the Kelunji User mailing list so that you are notified about software updates.

Earthquake Analysis Software

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