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Aftershock Seismograph

The ES&S Seismology Research Centre has been setting up permanent and portable seismograph stations for over 30 years, and we've now come up with a design that allows an earthquake observatory to have totally self-contained aftershock monitoring systems ready to deploy at a moment's notice.

Our portable seismograph case was designed to carry a mini solar array, the seismograph equipment (a Kelunji EchoPro seismic recorder, Guralp seismometer and accelerometer), and a 3G modem for telemetry and remote configuration. Once emptied, the case becomes an instrument hut that supports the solar panels and secures the batteries, recorder, and telemetry equipment inside.

The huts were designed so that several units could be loaded into the tray of a 4x4 utility vehicle. In fact, up to 8 cases can be loaded into a common dual cab utility tray, although this leaves little room for the batteries required to operate the seismograph in the longer term.

Amarok seismographs

Seismograph Hut parts

The hut can be set up by a single operator without the need for assembly tools, but the huts should be carried by two people using the integrated handles as a fully loaded case can weigh up to 45kg (mainly due to the solar panels).

Shown at left is an uncoated hut with the seismic recording equipment laid out behind. At right is the configuration of huts whereby eight systems can fit in the back of a VW Amarok dual cab utility vehicle.

The huts have been designed for earthquake monitoring instruments, but can be used in any situation where portable solar-powered instrument enclosures are required for temporary deployments. More information on the product is available in the assembly instructions, or by contacting us.


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