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ES&S is the main sales, service and support office for EEC for the Asia Pacific region. EEC designs, manufactures, installs and supports a complete array of X, C and S-Band weather radar systems. EEC provide customised solutions for clients around the globe that fit any need and survive every environment.

C-Band Radar Systems

For geographic areas with diverse and dynamic weather conditions, nothing offers greater value for the money than EEC's line-up of popular C-Band weather radars.
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S-Band Radar Systems

With the ultimate long-range view, the EEC S-Band radar gives you the ability to plan, predict, and protect – before severe weather strikes.
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X-Band Radar Systems

EEC's X-Band weather radar system is ideal for short and medium applications that require any combination of accuracy, mobility, and of course, reliability.
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Ranger™ X-Band Radar Systems

Ranger is the perfect synthesis of reliability, power and total portability, proving that big things really do come in small packages.
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Display & Analysis Software

Interpret useful weather information in ways that you never thought possible with our powerful suite of weather radar control and data display software.
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EEC radar systems represent a significant investment in time, people and money. Keeping systems operable 24/7 is key to keeping the public, environment and assets safe from mother natures extremes. ES&S plays an important support role for EEC being the 24/7 call centre operator and global support centre for EEC activities in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. ES&S radar experts are also called on to support radar installations, servicing or upgrades in Europe and the Americas making ES&S a true global radar support provider.
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