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ES&S releases 3500C data logger
11 Nov 2003

  An updated version of the popular 3500 data logger was officially released in August 2003. While this product has several enhancements, it is a fully compatible replacement for the 3500B logger.

The 3500C is fitted with 1 megabyte of non volatile Flash memory which is four times larger than the 256 kilobyte module in the 3500B logger. The memory is fixed on board which has simplified the manufacturing process. The Flash memory is programmed using only 5 volts and therefore the system will continue to operate at voltages well below the previous 3500B version.

A modern surface mount main board is used in the logger that is manufactured in bulk. All components used are state-of-the-art items that are commonly stocked in Australia, reducing the lead time for 3500C logger delivery.

The 3500C logger is a direct replacement for the 3500B version. An existing 3500B chassis can be fitted with a 3500C circuit board and ES&S are offering an upgrade service should your 3500B logger main board be unserviceable. All functions currently implemented in the 3500B version are available in the new 3500C version and therefore all software applications including DOS SDA, DT, DIAL and the new WinSDA can be used to control the 3500C logger. All peripheral devices, sensors and connecting plugs are also compatible, as are all software interface modules for automatic data acquisition systems.

Two versions of the 3500C logger are available:
The 3500CI has an internal battery chassis and will hold 2 x 2.2Ah batteries as per the previous 3500B.
The 3500CE has no internal battery chassis and is supplied with a dual external power cable and plug. It can be used for integrated systems that use an external system power supply.

For further information, see the 3500C product page or contact us