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Kelunji price drop, free memory & eqWave
11 Nov 2003

  ES&S are happy to announce that the retail price of a Kelunji D Series seismic recorder has reduced from over AUD$12,000 to its new price of just AUD$10,000 (+GST for Australian buyers).

Apart from its standard features, the recorder is equipped with the high-spec six-channel 24-bit digitiser (our 3-channel 22-bit digitiser is available on special order), and now also comes with 128MB of storage memory. A free copy of eqWave, our Java-based waveform viewing program, is also bundled with every new Kelunji sold. This represents an additional $2500 of value.

As always, each Kelunji recorder comes with a 12-month parts and labour warranty, which also entitles users to free support and software updates for the period. This warranty period and all its benefits can be continued annually for a small fee determined at the end of the warranty period.

Hundreds of Kelunji D Series seismic recorders are in operation around the world, often connected to VSAT, radio, or modem telemetry systems transmitting realtime data to central observatories. When used in conjunction with our other eqSuite realtime and analysis software programs, a seismic observatory need look no further for a complete seismic monitoring solution.

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