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Microseismic & hydrological networks for Bakun Dam
23 Jul 2004

  ES&S has been selected to supply equipment for a micro-seismic monitoring and hydrological network for the area around Bakun Dam in Malaysia, which is currently under construction in a remote area of Sarawak, about 200km southwest of Brunei.

The seismic network comprises five stations, four of which are remote stations with Kelunji Echo seismic recorders and short period seismometers using VSAT telemetry to send continuous and triggered data back to the dam site office which will be running the eqSuite data acquisition and analysis software system. The fifth station is a Kelunji Echo accelerograph that will be installed at the dam site. A sixth Kelunji Echo will be used as a Network Time server to provide accurate timing for the computing network at the central office.

ES&S will provide on-site training for the local operators in the installation and operation of the seismic hardware and software systems.

ES&S is also providing a hydrological monitoring network of rain gauges and river level sensors.

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