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ES&S wins contract for X-band satellite systems for the Bureau of Meteorology
12 Feb 2007

  Environmental Systems & Services Pty Ltd (ES&S) is pleased to announce a $1.6 million contract with the Bureau of Meteorology for new high-tech X-band weather satellite systems. These comprise three new ground stations and associated software for data processing and display. They will be located in Darwin, Melbourne and Casey Base in the Antarctic.

Weather and climate services throughout Australia and the Antarctic will benefit from the new systems which will be used by the Bureau to monitor and forecast severe weather such as tropical cyclones and for special applications such as bushfires, droughts and climate change.

Remote sensing from space is becoming a critically important input to the forecasting and monitoring process.   These new systems will give the Bureau state-of-the-art tools and data.  

ES&S, based in the Melbourne suburb of Richmond, has supplied weather radar and satellite systems to the Bureau for 20 years and exported systems to more than a dozen countries in Asia and the Pacific.

The development of these new X-band systems was assisted by a $2.25 million Research and Development START Grant awarded to ES&S by the Australian Government in 2002. Following the successful R&D project, the new systems have been deployed over the last two years in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand.