Victorian Bushfire disaster - a Satellite's eye view
09 Feb 2009  




Pictured left are images received by the ES&S Satrax-700 satellite ground-station of the bushfires from this past weekend. The red dots on the first image from Saturday (click to enlarge) are automatically created by the system's processing software when high temperature anomalies are detected. These "hot-spots" are used to detect fires in remote areas each time a satellite passes over the area, day or night.

The second image from Monday (click to enlarge) shows the current hot spots in red, with spots active in the past 24 hours shown in yellow, and hotspots from the past 24-to-36 hours in blue, giving some indication of the path of the fire-fronts and the extent of the area affected.

For more information on the Satrax-700 ground station or the ES&S METEOR processing software, see the Products page of our website.