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Aquatrak and PTG500e for high accuracy tide measurement networks
3 August 2009

Aquatrak Sensor

  Port Phillip Bay has one of Australia's most complex tide systems, and is of vital importance to Melbourne's economic success. In 2007 ES&S installed a new tide monitoring network for the Port of Melbourne Corporation. The network provides a comprehensive, real-time tide and meteorological monitoring system for the entire bay.

Tide monitoring stations are commissioned at various sites, allowing the Port of Melbourne to monitor tide and meteorological data in real-time. As well as measuring the tide utilising ES&S PTG500e and various acoustic level sensors, including Aquatrak’s 5000 series sensor, each site monitors and records weather parameters, including temperature, pressure, humidity, along with wind direction, gust and speed. Each gauge maintains highly accurate time using an integrated GPS receiver. The tide is measured using acoustic gauges. In addition to storing the data locally at each gauge, tide and meteorological data is transmitted in real time via radio and landline links to a central site, where the data is recorded and displayed along with tide predictions. An archive containing all tide and meteorological data is continuously updated to create a long term database.

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Tide Gauge Images