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EchoPro SBM Logger
Kelunji EchoPro Strain Bridge Monitor Logger


  • Portable for the measurement of resistance strain gauges and strain gauge based instruments
  • Particularly adapted for use with the CSIRO Hollow Inclusion Stress Cells
  • Commonly used in mining, civil and laboratory applications
  • Can measure 12 quarter-bridge strain gauges and one thermistor continuously
  • Many strain gauge based transducers are available for measuring force, pressure, acceleration, soil stress, water potential and other parameters.
  • CSIRO Hollow Inclusion Stress Cells are used to measure triaxial stress in rock or concrete



  • Continuously monitors 12 quarter-bridge strain gauges and one thermistor
  • Thermistor value is displayed in Ohms and degrees C
  • Data is recorded to USB memory stick
  • USB memory stick is not required for operation, only for recording
  • Time and date of recording is encoded in the filename
  • User can manually set the time and date via the keypad/LCD
  • Time and date is saved in a battery-backed real-time-clock
  • Ability to null the offset at any time
  • Ability to start and stop the recording at any time
  • Recording status is displayed on the LCD
  • Every time a new recording is started, a new file is created
  • Adjustable LCD contrast
  • Time is displayed on the LCD (updated each second)
  • Displays battery voltage, internal temperature and USB memory statistics
  • USB memory stick is automatically mounted/unmounted when inserted or removed
  • LCD backlight turns off 2 minutes after last keypress
  • Firmware is upgradeable via USB memory stick
  • Data will only be recorded if USB stick is actually inserted

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