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De Tect's Raptor Wind Profilers

DeTect is at the forefront in advancement of Radar Wind Profiler technology with its modern, state-of-the-art RAPTOR Tropospheric and Boundary Layer radar wind profiler systems.

Radar wind profiler (RWP) technology has advanced significantly over the past five years as computer hardware and software have become significantly more capable and as faster analog-to-digital converters (ADC's) utilizing on-board full digital-down-converters have become readily available. This has resulted in a new generation of modern radar wind tropospheric and boundary layer profilers that are more reliable and more capable and that produce higher quality measurements than conventional systems.
DeTect’s Meteorological Systems Group is the leader in advancing wind profiler technology and offers a new generation of advanced, modern systems that incorporate the latest in digital processing technology and functionality delivering significantly improved system performance and reliability over legacy designs.\

RAPTOR Radar WInd Profiler systems by DeTect, Inc. include the following standard models in various frequencies and power configurations:

  • RAPTOR FBS-ST Stratospheric & Tropospheric
  • RAPTOR DBS LAP®-3000 Boundary Layer Upgrade
  • RAPTOR FMC-BL Shipborne Boundary Layer (with marine stabilized antenna system)
  • RAPTOR VAD-BL Parabolic Dish Boundary Layer (in fixed and mobile systems)

For more information please contact se the DeTect Website or contact Tim Cookes

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