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Mine Accelerometer


• Low frequency sensor
• Aluminium body
• High resistance to water ingress

• High pressure application
• High precision, low noise
• Excellent reliability
• Various frequency options available
• Ultra low noise high sensitivity
• Low pass filtered
• Reverse wire protected

ES&S orehole accelerometers are primarily designed and applied in mine seismology and ground vibration monitoring. Three different configurations are available uniaxial, biaxial or triaxial. Accelerometers are preferred where high frequency, high acceleration ground motion is evident. Individual borehole accelerometer units can be permanently grouted into position whereby they can be monitored remotely. Our seismic sensors are compatible with most seismic recorders currently established on the market.

Borehole Geophone


• 4.5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 14Hz,15Hz
sensors available
• Large bandwidth
• Aluminium body or PVC housing
• High resistance to water ingress
• High pressure applications
• High temperature option available
• Low cost & excellent reliability

Geophone configurations can be uniaxial, biaxial or triaxial and are commonly used in mining applications or implemented in combination with accelerometers. Various sensor advantages include frequency range, amplitude, temperature, reliability & price. Benefits of ES&S geophones are long term stability, reliability, accuracy, large bandwidth and low cost. A wide range of frequencies 4.5Hz, 8Hz, 10Hz, 14Hz & 15Hz. ES&S can customize borehole geophones and are happy to discuss your requirements.

Acoustic Meter


Each unit is supplied with the following:

• Intelligent battery charger
• Charging rack/adaptor unit
• Handbook
• LED alarm level adjustment screwdriver

The Acoustic Energy Meter (AEM) is a hand-held, nondestructive testing instrument which can be used to measure the integrity of lined and unlined tunnel surfaces. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and is supplied complete with an intelligent charging rack unit, which plugs into the mains power supply.
Applications to date include concrete segments and shotcrete tunnel linings and gypsum, coal and hard rock mine roofs

VW Load Cell


• Versatile design
• No effect of eccentric loading
• Sensor with unique integral magnet design
• Accurate, highly sensitive, reliable
• Long distance frequency output
• Remote reading, scanning, data logging
• Stainless steel construction
• Waterproof
• Unprecedented sensitivity

• Long term stability & reliability

VW Load Cells are used to measure loads in anchors, tiebacks, rockbolts, tunnel support, piles etc. The most common application in mining is to test and measure loads on rock bolts. This data is used to verify bolts are installed correctly and the types of loads they are experiencing. Manufactured using special steel, the load cells are designed to function under adverse and severe environmental conditions.

VW Piezometer

vibrating wire piezometer

• Sensor with unique integral magnet design
• Accurate, highly sensitive, reliable
• In-built thermistor and gas discharge tube
• Extremely stable for long term operations
• Long distance frequency output
• Remote reading, scanning, data logging

• Stainless Steel construction
• Waterproof

Piezometers are used to measure groundwater elevations and pore-water pressures in borehols, embankments, concrete structures, pipe lines, wells, stand pipes, compacted fills etc. Designed to be embedded in soil, earth/rock, fills and concrete, the piezometer can be inserted in boreholes and small diameter pipes. Special models have the filter replaced with a threaded adapter to permit it to be coupled directly to hydraulic pressure lines. A typical application is uplift pressure measurement in dams.

VW Strain Gauge

vibrating wire strain gauge

• Choice of mounting blocks for embedment /
bonding in concrete arc welding /
bonding on steel structures
• Sensor with unique integral magnet design
• Extremely stable for long term operations
• Accurate, highly sensitive and reliable
• Long distance frequency output
• Remote reading, scanning & data logging
• Stainless steel waterproof construction
• Easy to install

• Embedment Strain Gauges
• Stress & strain monitoring in foundations
• Concrete structures
• Dams
• Nuclear plants
• Bridges
• Buildings
• Laboratory applications / limited space

'ADVISOR' VW Reading Station

vibrating wire reading station

• Small size
• Reads all types of VW sensors
• Low cost
• Low power consumption
• Rugged & sturdy

• Readout for all vibrating wire instrumentation

VW Indicator

handheld vibrating wire indicator

• Extremely simple to operate
• Single button operations
• Auto, Frequency, Range selection for
different transducers
• Automatic timeout if no sensor detected
• Works on a miniature 9V rechargeable battery
• A/C charger/adapter supplied

The model IGI-1822 digital readout unit is a hand held device used to read all types of vibrating wire sensors. It functions on a small rechargeable battery and is provided with a 220/110V mains charger that also acts as a mains power adapter. It read and displays Frequency, Time Period & Frequency Square.
It’s also capable of reading temperature received by the thermistor embedded in the transducer.

SG Rockbolt

Strain gauged rockbolt

• User friendly
• Rugged fully encapsulated electronics
• Easily installed
• Proven & reliable in harsh mining & civil
engineering environments
• Directly to a datalogger
• Available in any length between 1.0m & 4.0m

Strain gauged rockbolts can be used to measure the distribution of Rockbolt loads for design purposes, a valuable tool for monitoring support system performance against design specification. Strain gauged rockbolts are suitable for local or remote reading in potentially explosive atmospheres. Bolt loads can be monitored along each bolt by the use of multiple strain gauges. Normally placed in an array across the excavation as part of the standard bolt pattern, they are typically installed at the face of the excavation as part of the normal support cycle.

Confined Space COMMS

Voice communications system - rescue & confined space

• Set up in minutes – anywhere
• ATEX approved for industrial and mining use
• Works in places where radios don’t
• Operates from a few metres to kilometres
• Satisfies confined space legislation
• Lightweight, robust, water immersible

Developed with the aim of providing rapid, high integrity speech communications for rescue teams underground, m-Comm offers the unique portability of a radio handset with the clarity of a hard wired telephone.

Forget about bulky cable drums, simply:

• pay out guide wire on entering workspace
• clip-on
• press to talk

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