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The latest technology in wireline slope monitoring systems

ES&S proudly offers the very latest technology in wireline slope monitoring systems. For over 20 years ES&S Geosystems has supplied wireline extensometers to the open pit mining market and are excited by Call & Nicholas' innovation of the Slideminder. Slideminder provides real-time data at extremely good value.

Benefits include:
-Saving lives and equipment by monitoring displacement information.
-Warnings and alarms.
-Software and hardware design.
-Continuously checks for displacement.

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Urban Geotechnical Practice 2010ES&S was delighted to sponsor last month’s Urban Geotechnical Practices conference. The event was a great success, providing an exciting forum for industry leaders to meet and discuss design, application, solutions and innovation. Read more >

ES&S Seismic Network Report 2009The ES&S Seismic Network Report for 2009 has just been released. There is a Seismic Network map for each Australian state along with information on new Sesimic Site installations during 2009.
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Reliable solar radiation data now a reality

Good quality, reliable solar radiation data is becoming increasingly important in the field of renewable energy with regard to both photovoltaic (PV) and thermal systems. It assists well-founded decision making on activities such as research and development, production quality control, determination of optimum locations, monitoring the efficiency of installed systems and predicting the system output under various sky conditions.

Maps are available showing the potential for solar electricity generation, however, such energy maps and satellite data are not localized enough or accurate enough, to provide a reliable basis on which to make technology and investment decisions. Due to micro-climate differences, changes of a few hundred kilometers can give a yearly change of several hundred sun shine hours.

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For more information on the sensors or systems ideal for solar radiation monitoring please contact Tim Cookes or phone 03 8420 8999.


Borehole Camera

GeoVISION cameras are waterproof to 660 metres and can view in boreholes as small as one inch in diameter to very large boreholes, caves, crevices, pipes, tanks, & mines.

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ES&S is currently involved in 2 major projects in India. The Indian Air Force has agreed to purchase 5 SATRAX-XL Systems with phase 1 of the project due to be completed by the end of the year. The SATRAX-XL systems are high performance groundstations, designed to receive data from the new generation of X and L band satellites. As a fully automated system, the SATRAX-XL range offers the latest in hardware and software technology for a wide variety of ocean, land and atmosphere applications.

The second project involves the installation of 3 SATRAX-XLS systems for the Indian Meteorology Department. The SATRAX-XLS system is unique in that it incorporates ES&S’s custom designed tri-band feed for X, L and S band satellite reception.  The systems have already been delivered with the first one currently being installed in Delhi. These SATRAX-XLS systems will be used for weather monitoring and research purposes.

ES&S have already installed similar systems in Antartica for both the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Chinese National  Satellite Oceanographic Applications Service (NSOAS).  ES&S also have systems installed in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Korea, China, Taiwan, New Caledonia, Fiji and many more.

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