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June CSIRO research vessel "Investigator" topped by ES&S-supplied radar (Motorship)
April Dust Monitoring in Mining
January Fires in Tasmania. Satellite Images using ES&S SATRAX-XL Groundstation
October New Portable Seismograph Hut Design
July Melbourne Earthquakes
July Australian purchase of EEC radar
June ES&S attain TRACE acccreditation
June eqWave3 released
April Fracking & Earthquakes - Are we monitoring the earth sufficiently before, during & after drawing on its resources?
February ES&S partners with GoConnect to provide an IPTV Weather Channel on the Metro Netbay Free WiFi Network
February Realtime Water Quality Monitoring and Contaminant Alerts using Optiqua systems
November Engineering Excellence Award
October ES&S wins Samoa Project
October ES&S and EFIC
September ES&S arrives in China
September Ancold 2011 - The Future of Dams
September Precise Measurement of Solar Radiation
September ICEM2011
September 2011 APIA Convention and Exhibition
July EMC2011: ES&S to exhibit products from the world's leader in Fire Weather Technology, FTS
June IUGG2011, Melbourne
May Cape Preston Tide Monitoring System
April Hollow Inclusion (HI Cell) Rock Stress Measurement for China
March Myanmar Project
March Dam and Levee Leak Detection
March Advance Flood Warning Systems
January Sydney's M7/M4 Light Horse interchange

December 2010

BHP HRRP Project
November 2010 2010 AHA Convention and Exhibition
November 2010 Geothermal Power
November 2010 Fibre Optic Leak Detection
September 2010 2010 APIA Convention and Exhibition
September 2010 AHA Conference, 19-22 October 2010, Perth
September 2010 New Zealand earthquake recorded in Australia
September 2010 2010 APIA Convention and Exhibition
August 2010 The Latest Technology in Wireline Slope Monitoring Systems
August 2010 Reliable Solar Radiation Data now a Reality
August 2010 GeoVISION Borehole Camera - Free camera footage
August 2010 ES&S Seismic Network Report 2009
August 2010 Urban Geotechnical Practice 2010
March 2010 Another groundstation installed by ES&S at the Chinese Antarctic Base, Zhong Shan
March 2010 ES&S funded for innovative role in bringing broadband to Antarctica
February 2010 New ES&S Groundstation in Antarctica
February 2010 Bird Avoidance Systems for Remote Aerodrome Safety Program (RASP)
February 2010 ROCKBOLT NOT ANCHORING? Save money with an ES&S Borehole Micrometer
February 2010 Earthquake Monitoring around Canberra's major water supplies
February 2010 Solar Radiation, Atmospheric Science Instruments & Wind Sensors... The latest Kipp & Zonen catalogue
November 2009 Stop your equipment grinding to a halt with the UP201
November 2009 Melbourne Shakes...the string of earthquakes on the outskirts of Melbourne
November 2009 Zone in on slides with GPS Tracker
September 2009 ES&S wins tender for new high-tech weather satellite systems for the Indian Meteorological Department
August 2009 Aquatrak and PTG500e for high accuracy tide measurement networks
July 2009 Magnitude 7.8 New Zealand earthquake recorded in Australia by the ES&S Seismology Research Centre
May 2009 Australian Company wins Chinese contract for new high-tech weather satellite systems in the Antarctic
Apr 2009 Kipp & Zonen LAS helps to improve Water Management in Australia
Mar 2009 ES&S Dual X/L band satellite groundstation installed at Casey base in the Antarctic
Mar 2009 EchoPro Product Feature
Feb 2009 Victorian Bushfire Disaster - A Satellite's Eye View
Dec 2008 ESS3000 "Product Feature"
Dec 2008 ES&S wins major Air Force project in Republic of Korea (ROKAF)
Dec 2008 ES&S wins Brunei satellite systems project
Dec 2008 ES&S to supply new satellite system to Fiji
Dec 2008 New Developments in cutting-edge tornado detection and weather radar technology
Nov 2008 New Zealand's SATRAX700 antenna upgraded for dual band operation
Oct 2008 Historic Building Monitoring
Jul 2008 New tide gauges for Queensland
Jul 2008 Water Level Sensor trade-in offer
Jun 2008 Kelunji Echo firmware update
Jun 2008 Oyu Tolgoi Stress Monitoring
Jun 2008 ES&S Completes Tide Network for Port of Melbourne
Jun 2008 ES&S Wins Contract to Supply Satellite System to Pakistan
May 2008 ES&S Software implements automated navigation correction
May 2008 Breaking News - China launches FY-3
Jan 2008 ES&S website facelift
Nov 2007 ES&S becomes Unidata distributor for eastern states
Aug 2007 ES&S at AIMEX mining exhibition
Jul 2007 ES&S and EEC at AMS Radar Conference
Jun 2007 3D visualisation of weather with METEOR
Feb 2007 ES&S acquires Geosystems Australia
Feb 2007 ES&S wins tender to supply X-band groundstations to Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Jan 2007 Bushfire images from ES&S X-band groundstation
Nov 2006 Latest ES&S newsletter
Oct 2006 HI Cell interface for ISS seismic system
Jun 2006 Kipp & Zonen products now available
Jun 2006 MT-SAT for Hong Kong Observatory
May 2006 HI Cell demo video
May 2006 Hollow Inclusion Cell Stress Measurement at Freeport
Apr 2006 Visit us at Expomin, Santiago - 23-27 May
Jan 2006 MT-SAT for Lao met service
 Dec 2005 Message switch for BMG Indonesia
Oct 2005 ES&S reception of MTSAT HRIT commissioned
Jun 2005 Echo seismograph with realtime LCD waveform
May 2005 ES&S MTSAT groundstation receives test images
Feb 2005 ES&S wins Bureau of Meteorology radar contract
Nov 2004 levelpro 6100 & pumppro 6150 product launch
 23 Jul 2004 Microseismic network for Bakun Dam, Malaysia
 22 Jul 2004 South East Queensland seismic network operation
 30 Jun 2004 ES&S X-band groundstation commissioned in Hong Kong
 03 Jun 2004 New range of Geotechnical instrumentation
 30 Apr 2004 ES&S wins X-band and MTSAT system for Taiwan
 17 Mar 2004 ES&S installs GOES system for MMS
24 Feb 2004 Peabody Energy purchases ES&S' hydraulic fracturing system
23 Feb 2004 Geotech equipment for Bakun Dam, Malaysia
18 Dec 2003 Enviro04 Convention & Exhibition
15 Dec 2003 ES&S wins major Hong Kong Satellite Contract
12 Dec 2003 Magnitude 4.2 earthquake south of Sydney
01 Dec 2003 ES&S become agents for Guralp sensors
11 Nov 2003 Kelunji D Series price reduction, free memory & eqWave
11 Nov 2003 Enhanced Environmental data logger released


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